Get Informed

It’s hard to follow everything that is going on in our state government.  The best way to preserve and expand liberty is to arm yourself with information.  Here are some helpful resources for anyone looking to get informed about what is going on up in Concord:

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In addition to the duties of his office, Rep. Dyer serves as the Libertarian Floor Leader in the House of Representatives.  The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire is currently the fastest growing party in the state and is deeply committed to protecting the rights and liberties of citizens of the state.  As the party’s legislative leader I highly recommend my constituents learn more about the party and consider getting involved or donating.


New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance is a bill reviewing organization that assesses legislation based on how it’s language affects economic and social liberty in NH.  Each session they release their report card for every legislator.

American Civil Liberties Union – New Hampshire

The ACLU-NH is an advocacy group focus on protecting civil rights and liberties in the Granite State.  The organization deals primarily with social policy and approaches most issues from a classical liberal standpoint.

Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy

The Josiah Bartlett Center is a New Hampshire think tank focused on economic policy at the state level and it’s practical applications for social policy.

New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute

The NHFPI is a fiscal/budgetary policy specific think tank.  This group focuses specifically on state level economic policy and how certain policies would affect the budget and the options that would keep it balanced.

New Hampshire Center for Economic Policy

NHCEP is a business-oriented economic policy advocacy group.  They focus mainly on the taxation side of the budgetary equation.