Here is a list of individuals, organizations, and businesses that have declared their support for Mr. Dyer.  If you support the ideals of Liberty and would like to see your name on this list send an email to cqdyer@gmail.com.  Please attach a short reasoning for your support.  Thank you!

Caleb has done work for OLC for the past couple years.  His attention to detail has been crucial to our success with clients.  I feel as though that attention to detail is the sort of thing that we need in public office.  All too often, we find bills have gone through with unintended consequences, because someone just did not pay enough attention.

-Matt Oakes
Foreman, Oakes Land Care


Caleb was one of eight candidates in the race for Hillsborough 37 endorsed by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance.  To view the list of NHLA endorsements for state offices click here.