Meet Caleb


signal-2017-11-02-141004~5Hello, my name is Caleb and I am a former member of the Hudson/Pelham delegation to the New Hampshire House of Representatives.  I am a lifelong resident of the district; moving from Hudson to Pelham in 2016.  I attended Alvirne High School graduating in 2015.  While at Alvirne I was a member of the B Naturals, the school’s select jazz choir and was also a 4 year member of the Model UN club.  I was also a boy scout in Troop 21 until I was 17.  After high school I continued to pursue music professionally and presently play with the band Sturdy Moss based in Windham, NH.  In addition, I have worked in landscaping and forest management first with Oakes Land Care and then with Beaver Brook Tree Farm, LLC. in Pelham.  Presently I work as a graphic designer; creating advertisements, logos,  and other graphics for individuals, organisations, and businesses.  While working with various business owners and startups in New Hampshire I have been able to put to use my love of mathematics, economics, and design to help their companies grow and become centerpieces of their communities.

I did not become very politically active until I was 17 or 18.   The first year I was eligible to vote was 2014 and that was when I decided that I should know who and what I’m voting for or against.  Following that election I was even more curious about New Hampshire state politics.  I reached out to representatives in my district and elsewhere in the state to learn more about what was going on in our State House and what I could do as a citizen to further policies that I wanted to change.  I then started to volunteer with policy advocacy groups such as Americans For Prosperity and the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance.  Eventually I decided that advocating policy, although helpful, was not the most direct way to affect change.i9c7lc8

I ran for this office because New Hampshire desperately needed young, independent thinkers as apart of its government.  I want to prove to my constituents that government can be restrained when they elect people who they know and trust.  While in office, I worked every day to prove to my constituents that they come before partisan or special interests.  Even after leaving office in 2018 I have still been active in Concord supporting policy that will reduce the scope of government and empower individuals to create, innovate, and succeed.  I will always count myself among the tireless minority in safeguarding our freedom.

In Liberty,

Caleb Q. Dyer


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