Babiarz appeals Ballot Law Commission for inclusion in Grafton 9 Special Election.


Babiarz appeals Ballot Law Commission for inclusion in Grafton 9 Special Election

Concord, N.H. – June 13, 2017 – This afternoon the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission met to address an appeal brought by John Babiarz of Grafton, NH.  Mr. Babiarz had requested to change his partisan affiliation at the Grafton Town Hall from Unaffiliated to Libertarian in order to file as such to run in the county’s 9th district special election which was called for Sept. 5th, 2017 last month by the Executive Council.

In the hearing Mr. Babiarz explained that the clerk at Grafton Town Hall refused to permit him to register as a Libertarian.  When he asked the clerk the reason for the denial he was simply told that there was no option to register as a Libertarian.  He noted that in the General Election on November 8th, 2016 the Libertarian candidate for Governor Max Abramson received more than 4% of the vote thus granting the party ballot qualification status in subsequent elections.  Due to the short filing period for the special election Mr. Babiarz explained that, as he was not considered a registered Libertarian, he was unable to truthfully sign an affidavit to run for the office of Representative as a “registered Libertarian”.  The Commission noted that there appeared to be an omission in the statutes regarding special elections and the deadline by which a voter may be registered with a party to file for candidacy.

After Mr. Babiarz’s testimony and some brief discussion, the Ballot Law Commission met privately with state counsel to determine what action could be taken to include Mr. Babiarz on the primary election.  After reconvening, the Commission decided unanimously to include Mr. Babiarz’s name on the ballot in the primary election to be held on July 18th, 2017.  After the decision was made both Mr. Babiarz and Rep. Dyer thanked the Commission.  Rep. Dyer, the House Libertarian Floor Leader, stated afterwards his intent to make corrections to the statutes concerning special elections and ballot access in general.  “The law is currently written for two parties”, Dyer said.  “We (Libertarians) expect to be around for a while and the law is going to need to reflect that we are here.”

Mr. Babiarz is the Chief of the Grafton Volunteer Fire Department and a former Libertarian candidate for Governor.  Although third party candidates have historically had a difficult time getting elected Mr. Babiarz believes that his prominence in his town will give him a leg up.  He acknowledged however that he will still have to campaign in the other towns in order to get his name out and win the seat.

Contact Information:

Office of Rep. Caleb Q. Dyer
122 Old Bridge St. 
Pelham, NH 03076
Phone:  (603) 417-0897

Libertarian Party of New Hampshire
PO Box 5293
Manchester, NH 03103
Phone:  (888) 668-5764


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