Rep. Stallcop switches to the Libertarian Party


Rep. Stallcop switches to the Libertarian Party

Concord, N.H. – May 10, 2017 – This morning on the steps of the New Hampshire State House the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire (LPNH) announced that another sitting Representative was now a member of their organization.  Chairman Darryl W. Perry, noted the gravity of the event that Rep. Joseph Stallcop is only the second sitting Democratic legislator in history to have switched to the Libertarian Party; the first being the late Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, also a New Hampshire State Representative, who died in office earlier this year.

Arvin Vohra, the Vice Chair of the national Libertarian Party, also spoke during the conference suggesting that the new House Libertarian Caucus was the “youngest legislative caucus in the country”.  Mr. Vohra also noted that Rep. Stallcop’s switch from the Democratic party demonstrates that Libertarians draw from both sides and are truly a “party of principle”.

Rep. Dyer gave a short speech concerning Rep. Stallcop’s switch praising him for his courage to stand up for the things he believes in.  Dyer said, “He has proven he has the courage to think and act for himself even when surrounded by people who urged him to remain uninquisitive and follow the herd.  He had the initiative to go the Dakota hills when he saw his fellow man subjected to violence by the state at the behest of corporate interests.  He had the audacity to challenge and vote against the ill conceived positions of the Democratic party with regards to firearm licensure, civil asset forfeiture, and local control.  But most importantly, he had the fortitude to persevere, not lose hope, and make a decision that, although a difficult one, proved his unwavering commitment to the classically liberal principles that have made this state such a wonderful place to live.”.

In his speech Rep. Stallcop described his experience with the Democratic Party as a “Cinderella story in reverse”.  He also pointed out certain hypocritical or ambivalent positions of the House Democratic Caucus concerning gambling and the lottery, civil asset forfeiture reform, and transgender protections.  In closing, Rep. Stallcop urged his colleagues to work together stating, “It is now more than ever that we need community.  Instead of fighting over differences let us work together to each leave our imprint on those who need it the most.  Let us define ourselves by those we’ve helped out of the pit of desperation instead of leaving a never-ending breadcrumb trail of products and false promises that keep them there.  More than ever, let us see ourselves and our actions as the biggest factors in each others happiness, not what lies in gilded pillars.”.

After the press conference both Rep. Dyer and Rep. Stallcop went to the Office of the House Chief of Staff to schedule a room in the Legislative Office Building for the purpose of holding their partisan legislative caucus.  Rep. Dyer had stated earlier during the press conference that the House Libertarian Caucus would maintain an open door policy for “any and all legislators who find themselves in a similar situation to where we had found ourselves.”  Rep. Dyer also mentioned that the open door policy only applies to attending the meetings of the caucus whereas the decision making powers of the caucus would be relegated to only registered Libertarian members.  

Contact Information:

Office of Rep. Caleb Q. Dyer
122 Old Bridge St. 
Pelham, NH 03076
Phone:  (603) 417-0897

Libertarian Party of New Hampshire
PO Box 5293
Manchester, NH 03103
Phone:  (888) 668-5764


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