Rep. Dyer switches to the Libertarian Party


Rep. Dyer switches to the Libertarian Party

Concord, N.H. – February 9, 2017 – This morning at 9:00am EST, a press conference was held in the Legislative Office Building by the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire to welcome Rep. Caleb Q. Dyer into their ranks.  The first speaker was the Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire and former 2016 Libertarian presidential candidate, Darryl W. Perry.  Chairman Perry gave a brief history of the party and its past successes noting that back in 1994 the LPNH had formed an officially recognized House caucus with Rep. Donald Gorman as the Floor Leader.  He also noted that Rep. Dyer would become the first Representative in nearly a decade to serve the majority of his term as a Libertarian.

Arvin Vohra, the Vice Chair of the national Libertarian Party, was also in attendance and spoke to the occasion stating, “It is not an easy thing to switch based on principle from and old party to a rising and growing party.  It is a rare thing to see and it is something that takes a formidable amount of courage.”

On his switch of party affiliation Rep. Dyer said the following, “I believe that it is time to demonstrate to the people of New Hampshire that such a duopoly of partisan interest, which presently controls this house, is not in their interests.”  He went on the state that the Republican majority is “divided along principled lines” and that it has fallen out of touch with the its share of the electorate.  He further added that, with the Libertarians having gained status as a ballot qualified party, the existing parties should see this as a warning sign that their constituents are growing discontent with their increasingly partisan representation.

Rep. Dyer stated that he does not believe that “organization within the structure Republican Party will be sufficient to compel leadership to be attentive to our objections to their priorities.” and therefore believes it necessary to organize outside of the party.  For this reason he further stated that he “truly believe(s) it is the best course of action to organize outside of the party and force coalition.  For this reason I have chosen to register as a member of the Libertarian Party.”

Rep. Dyer’s full statement, along with a full video of the press conference, can be found at the following link:

Contact Information:

Office of Rep. Caleb Q. Dyer
122 Old Bridge St. 
Pelham, NH 03076
Phone:  (603) 417-0897

Libertarian Party of New Hampshire
PO Box 5293
Manchester, NH 03103
Phone:  (888) 668-5764


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