Liberty in OUR Lifetime

Caleb Dyer is one of eleven representatives for Hillsborough County’s 37th district.  He is deeply committed to being a responsive voice for the people of Hudson and Pelham in Concord.

My personal commitment to my constituents:

“I, Caleb Q. Dyer, pledge to use the vote I am entrusted with to maximize individual liberty and limit government to do nothing more than protect our rights to life, liberty, and property.  I pledge to be your accountable servant in the legislature and to that end I will personally address any grievance sent to me and explain clearly and publicly every vote I cast.”


Caleb Dyer with Jim Rubens, candidate for US Senate

On Monday, April 4th Caleb met Jim Rubens at the Pelham Town Republican Committee.  Jim is the only candidate for the US senate that is meaningfully addressing issues such as: balancing the federal budget, reducing the obscene national debt, eliminating the federal reserve bank system, cutting the massive body of regulatory law, imposing term limits, limiting government involvement in healthcare, ending subsidies and other forms of corporate welfare, and ending the failed war on drugs.  Jim is truly the best man for the job.  Caleb is proud to support Jim Rubens for the United States Senate.  Please visit Jim Rubens for US Senate for more information on his policies.






Caleb and Frank after the Pelham GOP meeting

On Monday, May 2nd Caleb met Frank Edelblut at the Pelham Town Republican Committee.  Frank is currently serving in the legislature and seeking the Republican nomination for Governor.  Frank comes from a strong business background and understands what it takes to succeed.  He is the only candidate on either side that will ensure a legacy of fiscal conservation and responsibility.  His philosophy that “government which governs best, governs least” is exactly the kind of mentality that will maximize individual liberty and safeguard it for our posterity.

Frank addressing a crowd in front of the State House (4/20/16)

However, most importantly, Frank is an ordinary guy.  He has been campaigning almost entirely by himself across the state; earning each and every vote he will receive this September.  Frank lives what it means to be a public servant.  Although I may not agree with Frank on every issue I am confident that he will work with everyone to advance a common sense, non-partisan policy for New Hampshire.  I look forward to serving in the House with Frank as our Governor.